18 September 2008

Brooklyn is Burning

Brooklyn is Burning was this crazybananastown art happening at Glasslands curated by my dear friends Sarvia Jasso and Andres Bedoya back in March. I didn't get a chance to write about it back then but I just got my hand on this video of the event and it jogged my memory. It was totally one of those nights where you aren't feeling like going out at all but you want to support your friends, so you drag yourself there. I brought Rebecca Turbow with me and within minutes we were both in the best mood ever. I've been to my share of art "experiences" but Brooklyn is Burning really captured that certain "WHAT THE FUCK!" element of creative expression without feeling pretentious or self important, or even ironic.
Rebecca , Me and Erin Scanlon IMG_3112.JPG
Intestine face here asked me what this photo was for because she doesn't like showing up on random blogs. Whooops!
The performance by Super A Lot blew my mind.
Not Sure what body-builder lady was about but I was feeling it. IMG_3128.JPG
This guy chanted stuff like "Positive Actions, Positive Thoughts" while getting naked and patting himself down with an accompanying powerpoint presentation. Then he had a band that played.
The the rest of the photos
I hope they do another one soon.

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