22 April 2008

Zuni Jewelry

I became obsessed with Zuni jewelry via an ebay search for Native American Jewelry without even having seen any of it in person. The Zuni tribe is from present-day New Mexico, and have a matrilineal clan system. The Sun Face is a common motif in the jewelry and according to Wikipedia the sun is seen as the giver of all life and the Zuni word for Daylight is the same as the word for life. I love the way it evokes all these different references like pixels, emoticons and '60s daisies, beyond just Native American Jewelry.

These little earrings arrived today I love how they sorta look like emoticons. I got them from The Branded Bear and they came with this cute little certificate of authenticity.

There a little bigger than I expected them to be but they are pretty sweet.

How cute are these little girls.

But seriously though Zuni jewelry is beautiful stuff.
This bracelet is $749

I was so ready to throw down what I thought was some serious cash for this pendant. I love how its Zuni/Art Deco/ Marc Jacobs. It was at $42 and I wan sniping it at $55 and then the next thing I new it was at $307. Such a bummer I can't find anything else that looks quite like this one.

How amazing is the inlay on this one.


skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

i did a posting on some native jewelry- i found the coolest space themed bracelt. i couldn't afford it tho DRATS!!! I love the cluster bracelets.. *sigh*

Anonymous said...








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