09 September 2010

Back to School!

Things are quiet on the blog front lately. I'm a grad student!I even got a backpack!

Things I didn't expect about grad school: Free Doritos
Yay school!
Yay The window seat at Variety!
I will update my Tumblr more often. Subtlety in Excess Tumblr!

06 August 2010

Just do it.

Another day, another ebay rabbit hole.

02 August 2010

Chelsea and Marc

Chelsea Clinton wed Marc Mezvinsky July 31, 2010
Chelsea and Marc in 1996
I'm not really a huge wedding enthusiast, much less celebrity weddings, but I am not made of STONE. This is sweet. (Also I have a thing for first daughters.)
The U.S doesn't have "royals" or even "non-trashy celebrities" so for those of us who grew up idealistic Clintonians this is it.
Chelsea Clinton was the first daughter of the Sassy generation, she was made fun of for her braces and frizzy hair and had the terrible disadvantage of being juxtaposed to the perfect Gore girls. But she showed us all, oh Chelsea came out all right in the end.

27 July 2010

Some times you are just too much

Seriously, who came up with this stuff? I never thought it would happen but "funky" might have just become one of my keywords.

All images from etsy. btdubs I only shop etsy now, sorz ebay.

22 July 2010

Laurel Burch 1947-2007

OMG I had no idea but Laurel Burch had a really sad life. She had a rare bone disease, that caused her to break bones constantly. She left her broken home at 14 with only a paper bag full of clothes. She was a broke single mom, and started out pounding out earring on the back of a frying pan and then taught her self to paint. (Her wiki)
When I was younger I thought of her stuff as cheesy housewife art, but now I think it is sorta awesome. It is very much in line with this 90s/tropical/multicultural vibe I've got going on right now.