24 March 2008

AA Medallions

I was looking a the Bittersweets NY website yesterday and I came across this sobriety chip cast in sterling silver by Nails to Nickels.
This reminded me of a time when I was a teenager and a friend gave me a purple 24 hour sobriety token, he had gotten at AA and I put it on my key chain. Months later when I dropped off my car for an oil change the mechanic said "So I see you are a friend of Bob's" not being a recovering alcoholic I had no idea what he was talking about and I think I just stuttered something about it belonging to a friend and ran out of there. I've been embarrassed about it ever since.

Nails and Nickels is all about recasting everyday items in precious metals. She has a whole line of AA chips and NA keychains cast in silver and some really cool coins and other tokens.

This led me to go on a search for more AA tokens and I found tons of places that sell them online.

There are some are pretty cool ones and a bunch of tacky ones. Many have the serenity prayer printed on them or other AA slogans like "Keep coming back", "To thine own self be true" "There are no strangers here only friends we haven't met yet" and "One day at a time". I found a whole history of AA tokens here.

There is something cool about the whole ceremonial aspect of these. They are these secret little treasures that you might not ever know about if you aren't in AA.

The also sorta remind me of those metal token you can personalize at the arcade, like in
Harold and Maude. I'm not sure how common those are, we used to get them at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (also where the scene in the movie takes place) but I am not sure if I have seen them anywhere else.
These are from the Sober Camel.
I guess Native American's have their own version of the serenity prayer
A patriotic eagle with attitude
A pretty butterfly
Here's one in Spanish
Women in Recovery


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